Each week this month my spirit has been awakening for an act of kindness, it is something I cannot contain. I asked my Mother yesterday to visit a 80ish year old grandma to a friend of mine back in Kenya. I heard that she’s not doing so well, and she never goes a day without asking for me. She calls me the sugar boy.

 She calls me sugar boy because when i used to visit her i would take a kilo of sugar for her, for it is customary for warriors not to go to someone house empty handed.

One must bring a gift. Had my Mom take her some food and wrap a smile on her lovely face. I’m told she was very happy till tears came out smile.

I never ask God for anything, I only strive to put a smile on faces that have not truly smiled and fill joy in their hearts for they have not experienced it in a long time. When they smile and feel that joy, thats heaven to me.

Love one another.

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