This week for act of kindness, had my mom and sister to visit my neighbor Gogo wa Kaptonge, bought for her a small radio to clear the silence. Because in the village I hail from time always seem like it has stood still, the cloud are lazy, and only sounds you can hear is of wild animals far away, birds singing in the trees chicken and geese, and cows, donkeys, sheep and goat’s grazing.

It sounds beautiful, but when they become all you’ve used to hearing, you’ll start wishing for something else. She’s like a grandmother to me and a great friend. But I always see her heart of great strength, wisdom and compassion. Which never ceases to inspire me.

You must’nt wait for things to happen to you so you can be happy. We all have the ability to create happiness.

If its not there sometimes we have to create it on others so it can find us, by just watching how happy they become will lift us too.

For me, this fills me with happiness.
Love one another.