1508609_899966936681106_6556208684633981953_nBeing a warrior from my village, means you must become responsible for a tragic event that you can control never to happen again. A young child got swept by a raging river many moons ago, it really broke my heart to hear that, for all children of my village I see them as my own. I decided to build this bridge, because warriors of my kind we don’t depend on God to do miracles or government to come do something about it.

Our soul demands us to rise in great spirit to do what must be done for it is our calling in life and the reason we exist. This river is seasonal river, and when it rains on the mountains, whatever comes to pass here shows no mercy even to a hundred year old.
For now I’m grateful no child will ever drown while passing this river when going to school for they now have a safe passage. My friends, whether you’re a warrior or not, man or woman, poor or rich, if you can do something in this life to change life of many.. Do it.

If I have done this and many other things without help of any foundation or donation, you can do it too, for you’re human like me. Empathy and love that trumps self is what it takes.
Please, don’t call me a hero, I’m simply and only and will always be a warrior.
Warriors we say, Let our existence never be forgotten.