About Kip

My Name is Kiplimo chemirmir, but my friends call me ”The runimal”
I was born and raised in a sleepy and beautiful small town called Eldama ravine, which dwells in the heart of hills and indigenous forest of Koibatek district.

I’m a Sports massage therapist and creator of Kenthaichi massage technique, Running coach, Personal trainer, Pro runner, Dreamer, Farmer, Father, an Orkoiyot warrior/ Monk and an Inspirational writer; but mostly I’m just a regular humble person on a quest to live life to its fullest, but helping others is what I love to do because it given to be my destiny.


I run allot, I will just say I’m an intensive training freak.





About my personal life.

426211_3418091290397_436434675_nI am a Dad to a beautiful little warrior on earth, His name is Christopher Chemirmir. I’m a great grandchild to former paramount chief and greatest warrior of his time Joel Chemirmir.


About my running life here is a piece of me.


4th in the Carter county Dodge 5k. 2011 


Winner of Tyler rose marathon, 2010

Winner of Wounded warrior half marathon, 2010

Winner of Azle half marathon, 2010

Winner of Heels and hills half marathon, 2010

Winner of Heels ad hills and him half marathon, 2010

Winner of Too hot to handle 15k, 2010

Winner of Rahr and Sons 5k, 2010

Winner of McKinney Historical run, 5k. 2010

Winner of Run for clay 5k. 2010

Winner of Run for kids 5k- Southlake, 2010

Winner of Dash down Greenville 5k, 2010

Winner of Frigid 5k, 2010

Winner of Snowman shuffle 5k, 2010

Winner of Plano pacers 5k, 2010

2nd in Millet mile, 2010

2nd in Tal Morrison classic 15k, 2010

2nd in Waco, Miracle match marathon, 2010

2nd in Cowtown marathon, 2010

2nd in A2A Marathon, 2010

3rd in Fort Worth marathon, 2010

3rd in Hottest half, 2010

3rd in Angies crazy half marathon, 2010

3rd in Tour de flours 20k

3rd in Little rock marathon, 2010

3rd in Fort Worth marathon, 2010

4th in Austin marathon, 2010

5th in Congress mile, 2010

5th in 3M Half marathon, 2010

9th in Oklahoma marathon, 2010


Winner of Fort worth Marathon, 2009

Winner of Tropical Hawaiian 10miles, 2009

Winner of Firefighter 10k,2009

Winner of Run for kids kiwanis- Southlake 5k, 2009

Winner of Run through the vines 10k, 2009

Winner of Dallas white rock half marathon 5k, 2009

Winner of Heels and Hills 15k 2009

Winner of Run Proud For Dessert 5K 2009

Winner of Adidas club du mundo 5000 mtr, 2009

Winner of Alps track meet,1500 meters 2009

Winner of Heels and Hills and Him Half Marathon 2009

Winner of Big D Texas Marathon-Half Marathon 2009

Winner of Bagel-fest 5K 2009, Austin

Winner of Stride4Stroke 5K 2009,Houston

Winner of  Tal Morrison Classic-15K 2009

Winner of Red Poppy 5k, 2009

Winner of The mayors 5k, 2009

Winner of Stan-berry 5k, 2009

2nd in Tour des Fleurs 20k, 2009

2nd in American Heroes 10k, 2009

2nd in Borden Uptown 5mile, 2009

2nd in White Rock ‘N’ Roll 5Miles 2009

2nd in Fort Worth Runners Club Labor Day 15K

3rd in Freedom 5000 5k, 2009

4th in The Hottest Half Marathon 2009

5th in Four seasons 5k, 2009

5th in McKinney Historical Run 5K, 2009

5th in Fort Worth Turkey Trot 5k, 2009

6th in Statesman Capitol 10K 2009

7th in Dash Down Greenville 5K 2009

7th in Fort Worth Turkey Trot 10k, 2009


Winner of Nakuru schools championship 8km,guest 24:56:33 in Nakuru/KEN, 2008

Winner of Plano Pacers Millet Mile 5K 2008

Winner of Dad-fest 5K 2008

Winner of June-teeth 1mile, 2008

Winner of American Heroes 10K 2008

Winner of 22Nd Annual Bagel Run 10k, 2008

Winner of German-fest 15k, 2008

Winner of Rock Miler 1mile, 2008

Winner of Run The Highlands 5k, 2008

Winner of Fwrc Stockyards 5K, 2008

Winner of Bobcat Boogie 5K 2008

Winner of Seaton soles 5k, 2008

Winner of Plano prediction run 5k, 2008

Winner of Plano pacers 5k, 2008

Winner on McKinney Firefighters 10k, 2008

2nd in Koibatek district championship 8km 24:16:31 in Kapcholoi/KEN, 2008

2nd in Heartbeat 5K 2008

2nd in Mary Kay 5k, 2008

2nd in Too Hot To Handle 15k, 2008

2nd in Double Trouble 10k 2008

2nd in Tour Des Fleurs 20K 2008

2nd in ESA Cancer Awareness 5k, 2008

3rd in Plano Pacers Holiday Hustle 8K 2008

3rd in Four seasons 5K 2008

5th in Mud Run 2008


1st in 1500 meters Finals. Koibatek/KEN 2007

1st in 800 meters Heats. Eldoret/KEN, 2007

1st in 800 meters in Nairobi/KEN. 2007

2nd in 800 meters heat in SUD trials, Khar/SUD. 2007

2nd in 800 meters Final. Eldama ravine/KEN, 2007

4th in 800 meters Heats.  Nairobi/KEN 2007

4th in 1500 meters heats. Eldoret/KEN 2007

6th in 5000 meters Heats. Nairobi/KEN 2007

12th in Standard charted marathon 10 km. Nairobi-KEN 2007

13th in Kapsabet 10KM Kapsabet/KEN 2007


1st in A.I.C Town church Run 5K. Eldama ravine/KEN, 2006

3rd in Finals in 800meters in Eldama ravine/KEN, 2006

4th in 400 meters. Nakuru/KEN, 2006

11th in Kabarnet half marathon in Kabarnet/KEN, 2006

13in North Rift districts championship 4km  in Eldama ravine/KEN, 2006


2nd in KAAA Series 400 meters in Nyeri/Kenya, 2005

4th in AK Series 800meters, Kakamega/KEN. 2005

46th in Kenya cross country series 8km in Kabarak/KEN, 2005

11th in Koibatek district trials 4km in Eldama ravine/KEN, 2005


2nd in Lucozade 10k. Nairobi/KEN. 2004

6th in Nairobi marathon for shelter Half marathon -Nairobi-KEN, 2004


1st in 800meters in Mogotio/KEN. 2003

1st in 200meters in Mogotio/KEN. 2003

1st in 400meters in Mogotio/KEN. 2003

1st in 800meters in Athinai/KEN. 2003

1st in 400meters in Athinai/KEN 2003

2nd in 5000meters in Athinai/KEN. 2003

5th in KAAA series 800meters in Nakuru/KEN, 2003

9th in KAAA series 5000meters Heat in nakuru/KEN, 2003

87th in Chepkoilel campus 4km in Eldoret/KEN, 2003


1st in 800meters in Muserechi/KEN. 2002

1st in 800meters in Sagasagik/KEN. 2002

1st in 800meters in Athinai/KEN. 2002

1st in 800meters in Mogotio/KEN. 2002

And many others that I could not remember!

Most of my time I spent it as a pace maker (Rabbit) in various big time and small races,

and a Sports massage therapist back in Kenya and I’ve also Coached many Runners who have set a great mark with their names in the world of running.

I have been Pace setter in Various track and road races in US, Kenya and Europe for during my time as professional runner with Adidas running.


100- 11:80

200- 21:33

400- 47:09


1500- 3:40


3000 S/C- 8:51:10.

4km- 10:13

5000- 13:38

8km- 24:18

10km- 29:22

15km- 45:51

Half marathon 1:06:15

Marathon– 2:33:24. but i’ve done way better in training :)


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  1. doris - chero
    Apr 21, 2015 @ 16:32:13

    proud to be your aunt doris chemirmir akpom


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    May 26, 2015 @ 17:36:23

    Man can you please communicate with me through 0716450468


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