Surprised one of the wisest and sweetest woman of my village

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This week for act of kindness, had my mom and sister to visit my neighbor Gogo wa Kaptonge, bought for her a small radio to clear the silence. Because in the village I hail from time always seem like it has stood still, the cloud are lazy, and only sounds you can hear is of wild animals far away, birds singing in the trees chicken and geese, and cows, donkeys, sheep and goat’s grazing.

It sounds beautiful, but when they become all you’ve used to hearing, you’ll start wishing for something else. She’s like a grandmother to me and a great friend. But I always see her heart of great strength, wisdom and compassion. Which never ceases to inspire me.

You must’nt wait for things to happen to you so you can be happy. We all have the ability to create happiness.

If its not there sometimes we have to create it on others so it can find us, by just watching how happy they become will lift us too.

For me, this fills me with happiness.
Love one another.


Surprised one of my old friends

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Each week this month my spirit has been awakening for an act of kindness, it is something I cannot contain. I asked my Mother yesterday to visit a 80ish year old grandma to a friend of mine back in Kenya. I heard that she’s not doing so well, and she never goes a day without asking for me. She calls me the sugar boy.

 She calls me sugar boy because when i used to visit her i would take a kilo of sugar for her, for it is customary for warriors not to go to someone house empty handed.

One must bring a gift. Had my Mom take her some food and wrap a smile on her lovely face. I’m told she was very happy till tears came out smile.

I never ask God for anything, I only strive to put a smile on faces that have not truly smiled and fill joy in their hearts for they have not experienced it in a long time. When they smile and feel that joy, thats heaven to me.

Love one another.

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Today I ran 80miles to raise money to build a hospital in Kenya

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Today I ran 80miles around TownLake and the beautiful roads of Austin, to raise money to build Shoe4Africa children’s hospital in Kenya. My goal was to raise $5000 but I was able to raise more $2000, which is not bad at all. Thanks to everyone who came to help me run, a million thanks to those who donated and make this happen. It wasn’t easy, but the energy and spirit made it possible. This was by far hardest thing I’ve ever put my body to do in a single day.

Thanks everyone. I’ll never forget this day.

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My Son second birthday celebration in Kenya

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It hasn’t been easy for me not being able to celebrate any of the birthdays for my son. It’s been long, but I wouldn’t let circumstances bare me from celebrating his big day. Till the day I’ll see him again, I will keep putting a birthday race and celebration in my village school back in Kenya.

Take your own path

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You are a product of your environment until you create one of your own. You will be surrounded by good and bad people until  you surround yourself with only the good. You will take scraps from others and call them trophies until you set your goals and decide your prizes. It is always someone else’s game you are playing to win until you quit the rat race to build your own playground instead.

Never let anyone tell you can’t achieve your goals

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I grew up being told you will never make it, you’re not fast and good enough, but for me I used to have this one thing I used to do by going into the forest and pretend everyone who are trying to discourage me are the tall trees around me that are trying to bear me from seeing the sun, but no matter how long the trees were or how deep in the forest I was the sunlight never hid from my face, I would listen to the wind and voices of Columbus monkeys, and baboon dangling in the tress above trying to scare me, but there I was bravely I stood there still with a smile of a warrior and nothing would hurt me, when came back to life from the forest and face those who said to me the discouraging words and bullied me, I would just see them as the trees in the forest, turn their voices into the wind that passes by, even when they were dreaded like the baboons I still stood on what I believed in, for the light was in my heart pointing at beyond the things I could become, years passed and destiny blessed me with what it was said it was never in my ability to become or achieve. So folks when someone is telling you that you can’t do something or achieve what you believe is your destiny, don’t quit, just smile and say “I’ll show you”, then grasp the time before you and clobber the obstacles that may arise in your path, as if you’re a kid in a playful mood in a room full of ripe tomatoes.

Kip’s Vision

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The Kiprunning Foundation is the brainchild of Kiplimo Chemirmir, an Orkoiyot Warrior, International sports massage therapist and a former elite runner from Eldama Ravine, Kenya. His dream is to improve the lives of the people there, starting by building a school. Build a bridge. Supporting poor families. Adopt 3 children. Build a park and track in the future for young runners to train on. Kip’s ultimate dream is to build what will be known as the Kiprunning VIllage, a destination for underprivileged but extremely talented young runners and their families. Join him as he begin the journey to achieving his dreams – the dreams that will change the lives of so many people in Eldama Ravine and Kenya.

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